Episode 15: Nail Polish

Episode 15: Nail Polish

I love a good gel mani. I'm currently typing this out with one that's seriously been on my nails for 28 days. 28! My nail place is amazing, everyone go there, tell them you found out about them from your favorite podcast, and then tell them they should advertise on said podcast. Kidding! Don't do that. But if you're in LA, go here because this manicure is en pointe.

Sometimes we have to take a break from being furious about Donald Fucking Trump and get manicures. Will that fleeting moment of solace actually kill you? As far as I can tell, no. Get all the manicures you want. All the manicures in the world can't save our reproductive rights but hey, at least our nails will look good.

I spend a lot of time this episode talking about the Environmental Working Group. I used to be a much more gullible person who believed everything this particular site said. I had their app to scan my cosmetics to see what ingredients were killing me. I personally feel that the EWG causes so much more harm than good, and it's a big loud voice in why we are essentially afraid of scientific advancement. I haven't ever wanted to use the site as a source for my research for this podcast, but there was a time where I believed the site was telling me the truth. Something I didn't mention in this episode is that the EWG until very recently had a page up about vaccines causing autism. (Seriously, when I was researching our very first episode about sunscreen about six months ago, a so-called "study" came up on the EWG site regarding vaccines and autism and that's when I decided they weren't reputable.) 

In this age of "alternative facts" it is so, so, so important to consider where your news is coming from. This really important op-ed in yesterday's New York Times talks about an attitude I think is present among the EWG and its faithfuls--insisting that something is true, even when it's not, and dismissing fact because it doesn't align with your own thinking. I shouldn't have to repeat this, but apparently we all do, that this is dangerous. Consider your sources, including what you hear on this podcast! We say all the time--we're not doctors or scientists. Don't let our accounts be your only accounts--but seriously the EWG is bullshit don't believe them. 



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