Episode 3: Palm Oil

Episode 3: Palm Oil

What even is palm oil? That is a question I first started thinking about a few years ago when I vaguely would hear it is bad, and somehow in my brain I invented the story that palm oil was bad because they were clear cutting the forests and from the center of the palm tree was then somehow drained to extract the palm oil? Yeah, so that was a part of my experience until recently. 

I took a seminar a couple months ago called "The Yoga of Food" which was very interesting but not exactly as billed. I thought it was going to talk about the yamas and the niyamas and how they relate to diets, or how your ayurvedic body type affects your digestive system. Mostly it was one woman railing on factory farms to a room full of five vegetarians (like, c'mon, we already drank the kool-aid, we know that factory farms are immoral bloodbaths, also we have seen the videos and we don't have to watch them again, please), and then a second woman talking about how palm oil is destroying orangutan habitats and how it's hiding in literally everything. Everything! Pro tip: there is no appropriate time to bust out your Chipotle burrito bowl in a room full of rabid yoga teacher/vegetarian/anti-establishment-ers. It's best to just wait and eat it after the seminar is finished. 

Anyway, my curiosity about palm oil and how horrible it is (or is it?!) piqued again after this seminar, and I thought it would be the perfect topic for my second investigation for BOTB. I say this in the episode, but I want to reiterate that this is by no means exhaustive. I also really, really want to thank Emily Barwick, aka the Bite Size Vegan for her a m a z i n g video on palm oil, and for her site as I make the transition from vegetarian to vegan! 


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